Last week Cody refused to answer MJF, Jon Moxley refused to join the inner circle, and DDP challenged MJF to a match, what happened this week?

What starts with two men in the ring quickly devolves into chaos with anyone and everyone trying tagging in to try and pick up the win. This results in several high spots and some amazing tag-team doubles maneuvers as the competitors rotate.

This match juggles two stories: The ELITE vs The Inner Circle and Hangman and The ELITE. This comes out with the near-hits between Page and the Young Bucks, and the nine-person suplex that becomes a highlight of the match.

Adam Page and Kenny Omega pick up the win but damage their friendship with the Young Bucks and pushes Adam further away. A great start to the show and one that tells us The ELITE’s troubles aren’t over yet.

Rating 4/5

By mocking MJF for being on Rosie O’Donnel and telling him his bodyguard is more impressive Cody lets us know he’s playing mind games. With babyface promos there’s always a sense of naivety to them here it feels like Cody knows MJF’s tricks and has a plan.

This makes me hopeful that we’ll see MJF get his long-overdue comeuppance. And AEW can have a babyface that isn’t so dumb.

Rating 4/5

Sammy Guevara is one of the most consistent and talented performers in AEW. Despite losing the match he still put on a show and performed to his full capabilities. He’s a true professional and a talent to look out for.

A solid match all the way through Sammy puts up a good fight and gets in some impressive offense and Jon has a strong showing without seeming invincible.

That post-match beatdown is just good storytelling. Jon shouldn’t get away with his assault from last week and Jericho isn’t going to leave his biggest threat alone.

Still wondering about the car.

 Rating 4/5

A much better way to promote a stable.

The Dark orders vignette lets us know who they’re targeting and creates a sense of ominous danger, all without interrupting the show. This is one of the cases where more is less.

Rating 5/5

Last week’s women’s match was a mess with too much interference and not enough wrestling this week we get a match.

Hikaru and Kris pull off some impressive moves and Mel is a powerhouse. Brandi doesn’t add much to the match except for a bit of comedy.

This was better than last week we got a full match with no interference. The match was slow in a few places and Mel had to carry her team the whole time. Maybe more women’s matches on the card would be a good idea.

Rating 3/5

MJF outdoes himself in being a heel by running into the crowd to watch the match, then slapping QT Marshall around while posing for the camera.

Not a good match for QT Marshall sadly his teammate DDP is the star of the show. Though he opens the match he quickly gets beat down and needs his teammates to come in and save him, not good for younger talent.

DDP wrestling in his 60’s is impressive his moves feel stilted and telegraphed and make his opponents look dumb.

MJF rolls up QT with a schoolboy and wins further embarrassing him.

Rating 2/5

Pac and Darby are a pair who really need to wrestle with each other more. This match was definitely worthy of the main event.

Despite the physical difference, Darby holds his own and takes some brutal moves from Pac including being powerbombed onto the steel steps. They’re out to hurt each other in this match and will probably feel the effects for weeks to come.

Jon Moxley coming out to challenge Pac sets up their match next week as something more. Jon doesn’t just want the title he wants to brutalize Jericho and Pac’s standing in the way

Rating 4/5